Bag filter housings

Siga Filtration offers a range of industrial grade liquid bag filter housings. All our stainless steel filter housings are designed according to AD2000 and comply fully with EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). In addition to our standard range, we also design and build filter housings to specifications. Please ask us about custom designs, special fabrications and filtration skids.

  • Industrial bag filter housings for removal of sediment & rust, filtration of paints & inks, prefiltration of cartridges, high flow filtration, filtration of oils, filtration of chemicals and many other applications. 
  • All Size 1 & 2 bag filter housings (BFOS & BFOT) come with a heavy duty bolted hinged lid as standard. Size 3 & 4 housings (ALSI) can be supplied with optional bolted lid.
  • Available for size 1 & 2 (7″ diameter filter bags) and size 3 & 4 mini (4″ diameter filter bags).
  • Wide range of options to choose from, threaded or flanged connections, 304 or 316SS construction, free standing units with adjustable legs.
  • Available in duty/duty, duty/standby and multi bag configurations of up to 12 filter bags.
  • Excellent option for retrofitting existing filtration units at no loss of performance.
  • Range of accessories for bag installation, magnetic bars to aid rust removal, volume reducers, mesh lined baskets  and assemblies for converting to cartridge filtration.
  • BFOS Bag Filter Housing for Size 1 & 2 (7″ Dia) Filter Bags

    acuraLine BFOS Bag Filter Housings combine high flow rate capabilities with industrial strength. These highly flexible units can be used with a range of 7” diameter filter bags for fine filtration or with a mesh lined basket for coarse/straining applications. Optional magnet assemblies provide reliable removal of rust particles. Manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel (optional 316SS), these industrial units come as standard with strong hinged lid closure for extra strength and durability. BFOS bag filter housings come complete with a bag locking plate, mesh basket and adjustable legs.

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  • SF84/SF85 HT (High temperature bag housing)

    High Temperature Bag Housings with excellent thermal resistance, suitable for continuous use up to 150°C

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  • ALSI Bag Housing for Size 3 & 4 (4″ Dia) Filter Bags

    acuraLine ALSI Series Bag Housings are compact industrial units designed for prefiltration or non-critical applications. Manufactured from 304 (optional 316) Stainless Steel, ALSI bag filter housings feature a quick release clamped closure with safety clip and come complete with a bag locking plate and mesh basket.

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  • Duplex Bag Filter Housings (Duty/duty or duty/standby)

    Duplex bag filter housings eliminate process disruptions due to filter changeouts and maintenance. When supplied in duty/duty arrangement, our BFOS Duplex filtration systems are capable of handling flow rates of up to 70m3/hr and offer significant cost saving as compared to multi round cartridge or bag housings. Duplex units are supplied fully assembled with valves and pipework. These units are available for Size 2 filter bags  (7″ x 32″) and can be fully customised if required.

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  • Multi Bag Filter Housing – 4, 6, 8 & 12 filter bags

    acuraLine Multi Bag filter housings are capable of handling high flow rates in demanding industrial applications. These Stainless Steel units are supplied with a spring assisted hinged lid and swing bolts. An optional quick release clamped closure is also available for faster opening and closing times. Hinged lid comes with our new operator safety mechanism called acuraLock which prevents accidental lid closure during maintenance. All BFOS housings come with DP gauge connections and can be supplied fully assembled with optional differential pressure gauge to indicate blocked filter bags.

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  • Pentair PBH Bag Filter Housings

    Molded from rugged reinforced polypropylene, PBH Bag Vessel Filter Housings offer outstanding chemical compatibility and are ideal for use in a variety of low-flow applications. These applications include residential prefiltration, food service, along with commercial and industrial applications for water filtration and chemical filtration. PBH Bag filter housing kits come complete with spanner, gauge and drain valve.

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  • acura DP Gauge (Blocked filter indication)

    acura DP gauges provide reliable indication of blocked filters to filter operators and maintenance personnel. Differential pressure measurement is a reliable way to measure filter life. Changing filters on time can reduce
    your consumable spend and eliminate the risk of filter failure.

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  • acuraControl (accessory)

    Our innovative acuraControl unit provides measurement, logging and communication of differential pressure (to indicate blocked filters), pressure and temperature as standard. The unit is also capable of measuring flow rate, volume and particle count with an extension.

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  • Inline ALSI Bag Housing for Size 3 & 4 (4″ Dia) Filter Bags

    Inline variant of ALSI bag housings, allows for easy inline installation, rapid assembly/disassembly and connection to flexible hoses with camlcok fittings. Inline ALSI bag housings feature a Stainless Steel construction, quick release clamped closure with safety clip and come complete with a bag locking plate and mesh basket.

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