Sterile filtration of water with 0.2 micron filters

What are 0.2 micron filters?

0.2 micron filters are usually pleated membrane filter cartridges. Polyethersulphone and Nylon 6,6 are hydrophilic membranes which are used for aqueous solutions. PTFE & PVDF are hydrophobic membranes used for non aqueous solutions and gases. Hydrophobic membranes can be used on aqueous solutions by wetting them with a low surface tension liquids.

What are 0.2 micron filters used for?

0.2micron PES or Nylon membranes are commonly used for sterile filtration of water. 0.2 micron filters are used for microbial removal for applications in pharmaceutical, food & beverage, legionella removal, production of ultrapure water in electronics industry, tank venting and many other applications.

Our polymeric cartridge filters are constructed from FDA-approved materials carrying the CFR 21 number for biological safety and materials of construction meet USP Class VI-121°C plastics. Designed and manufactured for robustness, our sterilising grade polymeric filters are fully validated providing retention of >10 colony forming units per square centimetre of effective filtration area as stipulated by PDA Technical Reports 26 and 40.

We have a complete range of hygienic Stainless Steel filter housings to suit the 0.2 micron filters and we can also supply suitable prefiltration to protect the membranes. All hygienic series filter housings are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and supplied with a0.8Ra internal finish as standard.


  • We can advise on all stages of filtration projects from running trials to filter selection, sizing and delivery.
  • Over ten years experience in designing and selecting filtration equipment.
  • Comprehensive range of filtration products allows us to select the best filter for your application.
  • All filtration products comply fully with latest regulations and pressure vessel design codes.


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