Filtration of Fuels & Biofuels

Biofuel blends create new filtration challenges

Biofuels market has grown rapidly in recent years and an increasing number of industrial fuel users are using blends of biofuels which presents a new set of filtration challenges.

Siga Filtration offers a range of cartridge and bag filtration products for the filtration of fuels and biodiesel blends. Our Stainless Steel filter housings provide excellent chemical compatibility with all types of fuels. We have had great success in filtering B20 blend of biodiesel with our specially designed acuraBag Polyester filter bags and compact ALSI bag filter housings.

FINEPleat GFP filter cartridges were introduced with fine fuel filtration applications in mind. These cartridges come with a glass fibre filtration media and Polyester hardware. FINEPleat GFP cartridges are beta ratio 5000 and provide high efficiency filtration of gasoline, diesel and biodiesel blends. These can be used with our 1FU Series of single cartridge filter housings in Stainless Steel.

BFOS series bag filter housings can be used for fuel polishing applications and are usually skid mounted for multi stage filtration. Note that BFOS housings come with a heavy duty bolted closure.


  • We can advise on all stages of filtration projects from running trials to filter selection, sizing and delivery.
  • Over ten years experience in designing and selecting filtration equipment.
  • Comprehensive range of filtration products allows us to select the best filter for your application.
  • All filtration products comply fully with latest regulations and pressure vessel design codes.


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  • 1FU Series Single Cartridge Filter Housing (Threaded Closure)

    acuraLine 1FU Cartridge Filter Housings are industrial inline filtration units. These filter housings feature strong Stainless Steel construction, robust threaded closure, high operating pressures of up to 25 barg and option to mount a differential pressure gauge. All 1FU filter housings are supplied with a Viton seal as standard for chemical compatibility. Option to mount differential pressure gauge to indicate blocked filters.

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  • acuraBag Polyester Filter Bags

    acuraBag Industrial Grade Polyester Filter Bags provide superior performance in filtration of fuels (biodiesel, gasoline, diesel), chemicals and hot water. acuraBag Polyester filter bags are supplied with a Polyester moulded collar or SS ring for chemical compatibility and come with thermally welded seams to eliminate by pass.

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  • BFOS Bag Filter Housing for Size 1 & 2 (7″ Dia) Filter Bags

    acuraLine BFOS Bag Filter Housings combine high flow rate capabilities with industrial strength. These highly flexible units can be used with a range of 7” diameter filter bags for fine filtration or with a mesh lined basket for coarse/straining applications. Optional magnet assemblies provide reliable removal of rust particles. Manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel (optional 316SS), these industrial units come as standard with strong hinged lid closure for extra strength and durability. BFOS bag filter housings come complete with a bag locking plate, mesh basket and adjustable legs.

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  • FINEPleat GFP – Pleated Glass Fibre Cartridge with Polyester Hardware

    FINEPleat GFP filter cartridges have been specially designed for filtration of industrial fuels and chemicals – diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, biodiesel blends. These filter cartridges feature absolute rated glass fibre media with polyester support and drainage layers. Polyester construction provides thermal resistance up to 120°C and chemical resistance in fuel and chemical applications. All FINEPleat GFP cartridges come with absolute retention ratings and industry standard end cap styles.

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  • Inline ALSI Bag Housing for Size 3 & 4 (4″ Dia) Filter Bags

    Inline variant of ALSI bag housings, allows for easy inline installation, rapid assembly/disassembly and connection to flexible hoses with camlcok fittings. Inline ALSI bag housings feature a Stainless Steel construction, quick release clamped closure with safety clip and come complete with a bag locking plate and mesh basket.

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