About Us

We are worldwide supplier of Industrial filtration products: we want to help customers to select the best filtration solution for their application. Based in Surrey, United Kingdom we offer filtration solutions for waste water, beverage, drinking water, pharmaceutical, chemicals, Oil & Gas and many other industries. We begin by listening to the filtration challenges faced by the customer and then work closely to help solve problems relating to many areas of production and design process.
An extensive product line combined with industry knowledge means that our customers can rely on us for cost-effective, custom solutions specific to their requirements. Fast response times, diverse product range and industry experience have helped us offer best value to our customers, no matter how challenging the application.


How Can We Help?

Product Selection

We understand that each application is unique so we work with customers to find the best filter for the application. This can be a standard filter or custom built unit.


Bespoke Products

Instead of fitting your application around off the shelf products, contact us for bespoke and custom built solutions for your applications. This will avoid costly site modifications. Bespoke products are particularly applicable to retrofit applications.


Worldwide Customer Base

We understand the pricing, documentation shipping requirements of export market and have a global customer base.


Industries Served

Our expertise in filtration applications allows us to work with customers in many industries.


Water Brewery Biodiesel Marine
Wastewater Oil & Gas Winery Cosmetics
Dairy Pharmaceutical Chemicals And many more….


Extensive Product Range

We have a wide range of products which allows us to service not only industrial customers but also pharmaceutical and beverage customers requiring more sophisticated solutions.



All products meet relevant industrial approvals and regulatory requirements like PED, ATEX, FDA, DWI etc.